jeudi 18 décembre 2014

Oily skin requires care and attention, while oily skin tend to attract more dirt and dust compared with dry skin;  here you will find some masks  for freshness , nutrition and lighten pores 

oily skin masks

Orange and oatmeal mask


Half a cup of oats
Half an orange juice
A little bit of glycerin
Small egg whites.


Mix the egg whites well and then add the rest of ingredients until you get a light dough . Put them on your face ten minutes and then wash your face.
Glycerin moisturizes and eggs least wrinkles and orange nourishes the skin . With this mask you will feel that your skin become more youthful and fresh.

Honey Mask

The easiest way to make honey mask is dipping your finger in hot water and then in honey dish distribut honey on your face and neck in a circular motion outward while avoiding the eye area because the skin is sensitive. Leave the honey on your skin for a period of not less than ten minutes to be absorbed by the pores of the skin and then wash your face with warm water , you will find it bright and shining .

Coffee and cucumber mask

This mask is great for skin lightening ,clean , tighten and get rid of any traces of the sun


Cucumber juice
Egg white
A bit of coffee powder
 Rose water


Mix all ingredients until you get a light dough . then  put the mixtur on the face and neck. Leave ten minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water  ,you will find your skin became moisturised and tight .

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lundi 15 décembre 2014

You will find in this article how to prepare a natural  shower gel to whiten your body and relaxing in a short time.

natural shower gel


   A Grated Nabulsi soap

nablusi soap

A cup of lemon juice
Two tablespoons of olive oil
Half a cup of rose water
Two tablespoons of over almond oil 


First put soap in a suitable pot over low heat and add rose water ; stirring until the soap became completely dissolved .
Add the rest of the ingredients and stirring until components became homogeneous .
Lift the pot from the fire after boiling and leave the mixture to cool.
Put the mixture in a suitable vessel to tumble from bath time.

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samedi 6 décembre 2014

Here's a natural  recipe for tightening the skin and nutrition you can work at home

For best result ,use once a week at least.

Cabbage recipes for skin

Cabbage and rice mask


- 3 leaves of cabbage
- 2 tablespoon of  rice flour food.
- A few drops of almond oil or olive oil .


Crush well cabbage leaves until you get a soft dough
Add the flour, almond oil or olive oil and mix it well and unfold the mixture on your face

Leave to dry and then rinse with lukewarm water.
Do not add almond oil or olive oil if your skin is oily and you can add the eggs stick to make the skin more tightening.

Cabbage and honey mask

Cabbage and honey


Cabbage leaves.
Natural honey
Almond oil or olive oil for dry skin.


  Cut the cabbage leaves and mix
  Add the yogurt and natural honey mixture of cabbage leaves.

  In the case of dry skin you can add a little olive oil or  almonds.oil

  Use the mixture on your skin for 15-20 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water ;.
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mercredi 5 novembre 2014

Natural recipes to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes

1. Avocado cream

 Mixing 5 drops of almond oil with three sliced  avocado, then gently  distribute the mixture around the eyes, leave for 5 minutes and then cleans the face with warm water.

 2. Potatoes cream :

Ingredients: small potatoe + two tablespoons of apple sauce.
  slicer potatoes into small pieces , add two tablespoons of apple sauce and then mixing by blender ,  distribute the mixture around the eyes , leave for 5 minutes and remove it after cleaning the face with warm water.

3 vegetable cream  :

Ingredients: amount of lemon juice + small tomato slices + amount of turmeric powder + small amount of flour, lentils + small orange fruit.
Mixing a small amount of each of: lemon juice, tomato slices and orange fruit and flour lentils and turmeric powder in a blender until you get the mixture resembles dough to be distributed around the eyes, and leave for 15 minutes and then cleaning the face with warm water.

  4. olive oil and cucumber slices:

Blending cucumber slices with olive oil together and use as compresses on and around the eyes.

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Dead Sea salts have been renowned for there therapeutic effects since ancient times,  and has been used by Queen Cleopatra ,the Queen of Sheba, and others of the ancient queens for therapeutic and cosmetic , and more recently have been adopted in many therapeutic and natural cosmetic centers. Some Of minerals found in the Dead Sea salts: magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, bromide, sulfur, chloride

Dead Sea salts can be used in  creams, and soaps

Among the benefits of the Dead Sea salts as follows:

  1. assist in the treatment of diseases and skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, freckles and melasma and tares.
2. Give your skin freshness and vitality and natural beauty.
3. Amendment balance skin moisture and stimulate the cells.
4. tighten the skin and get rid of facial wrinkles and neck.
5. restore normal skin color and remove stains caused by the sun.
6. contribute to get clean and supple skin.
7. quickly absorbed by the skin, which helps to protect the skin seems more cohesive and youthful freshness.
8. works to moisturize, soften and purify the skin and give it a bright and whiter texture smooth as silk.
9. can be used to protect the skin from dehydration caused by some cosmetics.
10. used for protection from the sun's rays effect when swimming or sun exposure.
11. working on tightening and contouring remove cracks and lines resulting from pregnancy in the abdominal area, as well as resulting from the diet.
12. operate nutrient and moisturizer for the skin, skin cracks address the lower abdomen, buttocks and hips and helps the skin to regain its elasticity ideal.
13. maintain health, vitality, freshness and softness of your hands and give them permanent protection from the harsh weather conditions that run on chapped hands and damaging it.
  14. gain hands-silk texture and bright appearance and smell fragrant without leaving any greasy effects.
15. prevent water loss from the skin.
16. working on the survival of the feet and legs soft texture throughout the day.
17. ease the uncomfortable sensation caused by dry skin cracked foot.
18. operate exfoliant for the skin and remove dead cells from all parts of the skin and make it soft, pure and more youthful body and gives the feeling of comfort and warmth and rejuvenation.
19. help get rid of excess fat in cellulite gathering places.
20. pulls the skin and prevent it from sagging.
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dimanche 12 octobre 2014

Every lady wishes to have a tight shiny white skin and free of stains and wrinkles ,its simple , you do not Need to buy a brand and expensive cream to get a perfect skin without flaws , The secret is in your kitchen , you will need just a "cucumber " it is a magical natural product

cucumber for skin

Beauty Experts recommended natural cosmetics product; Recent studies have pointed out that the cucumber have a cosmetic and health benefits in addition to the multiple nutritional benefits, because it contains a set Anazareama of the function of the skin, including sulfur, which maintains the freshness of the skin , and The sugary compounds "Clausaides" that nourish the facial muscles, and enjoy the advantage of being antiseptic , moisturizing properties , mildly , softeners, and materials to suit all skin types.

Doctors confirm that the cucumber serves for many uses in the cosmetics field , it makes the facial skin smooth and beautiful when used as a face wash, and in the periods of summer lye cucumber juice is used to treat sunburn and moisturize the skin, and other benefits review them together:
Treatment of freckles: freckles can be treated by taking several pieces of cucumber and soaked in the amount of milk and leave for five hours, then cleans the face completely and put the soaked this make the freckless disapeare .

Here's how to Moisturize the skin by  cucumber moisturizing masks that will restore the vitality and the freshness of the skin. :
- Cut the cucumber into thin slices. - Put the slices while each slice next to the other on the face. - Leave the mask for 30 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water afterwards, and you can also massage the face with slices cucumber circular motion.


If you suffer from acne outbreaks and would you like to get rid of it, you can do mashed mask cucumber and glycerin,

- Mashed of 2 cucumbers
- One refined flour spoon. 
- One spoon of glycerin. 
- Mix the ingredients well and then grease the face and neck. 
- Leave the mixture on the face and neck about half an hour. 
- Drain the mask with lukewarm water mixed with salt by teaspoon salt per liter of water. 

Skin patches:

the cucumber has a clear effect in whitening the skin, and get rid of the dark spots that may affect the face as a result of exposure to sunlight. 
- Ingredients: half a cup of grated cucumber + eggwhites +2 tablespoon milk powder. 
- Usage: Mix the ingredients well to the work of a thin paste and leave on the face for 20 minutes rinse with warm water , and then with cold water and dried thoroughly. 
Face with lukewarm water and then cold. 

Black circles:

To remedy this problem compresses treat him well all the work of sliced ​​fresh cucumber for the eyes, and so Ptgmad eyes, and put a slice over each eye cucumber so touches the skin surrounding the eye, with the relaxation for 15 minutes. 

To lighten the skin: 

You can use cucumber juice on the face paint daily, and you can use compresses cucumber slices for ten minutes a day to treat swelling eyes, put thin slices on the premises daily wrinkles. 

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